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We were both expecting just to go to our cousins wedding (we are not related lol). Chris was officiating the wedding and Irene  was a bridesmaid. We met during the rehearsal dinner. The next night at the wedding Chris drank a lot to build up to talk to Irene. We hit it off with dancing and conversation all night!

Our Love Story

A week later we went on our first date. Weeks and weeks of talking, meeting up and dates went by. Falling more in love with every moment together. Meeting Steven was the next great person I met from this wedding. Instantly he was like my mini me. 

With all new adventures awaiting us, like our first house together and amazing vacations we moved closer to us knowing we found the one!

Now was the time to ask Irene. Her dad actually asked when I was thinking of getting engaged. I told him I was going to soon. It was in the works. About 2 weeks later I asked him for her hand in marriage and showed him the ring. Leading up to Christmas Irene and I would always kiss under the mistletoe. Her mom always followed up with the old story about Mistletoe in the 1900's. If a women accepted your kiss under it, you were engaged. We always laughed and loved it. Christmas morning right before breakfast I had Steven hold the mistletoe above us. As we kissed I explained to the whole family that in the 1900's that if she kisses me we are engaged. Then I said- well this is how it's done in 2015, and I got down on my knee and asked Irene to marry me. She said Yes! (Of course) 

We hope you can make our next adventure in Jamaica!
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